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Noforix is an old dog in the business. The genre is uplifting, pulsating and thrilling Full on electronic dance music with a twisted flavor inspired by Rock and Classical music.

Noforix started in 1999, it's a mutated project deriving from another goa project called Xvampex. The Noforix project have had various online success, and have been featured in magazines besides of being played by DJ's around the globe.

The music is always open for others to contribute in, it's a project for the masses, so anybody who has any criticism, ideas or requests, are appreciated and listened to.

Noforix is signed to Euroforix, but always available for compilation releases.

The first official Noforix release is called "Old dog new tricks", and is an EP created to start up a steady commercial line. Noforix has always been underground, but as the markets have merged Noforix have followed, so from now on, all releases will be available commercially. New creations will be uploaded as demo's ready for streaming on this website as they see the light, and the project would love if listeners would give feedback and ideas to the music, as it makes it more fun for everybody.

The second release will be an album, it has no name yet, only one track is done (or almost), so tag along and be a part of it :)



"Old dog new tricks" is online on all major commercial media!

Track list:

1. Be yourself
2. Psykka
3. Breathe
4. The Dungeons

Spotify: Noforix – Old Dog New Tricks
Beatport: Noforix – Old Dog New Tricks
iTunes: Noforix - Old dog new tricks
SoundCloud preview: Preview online

I finally took the time needed to create a new web site for Noforix, hope you don't get all to confused about all the changing around and just enjoy your visit.


Videos are coming soon.


Full name: Johnny Wishoff Kallestrup
Phone: +45 27 24 77 90
Skype: johnny.wishoff